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1999 British Schweizerland

This team calculated that the most economical way to get to base camp on the 16th September Glacier was to use one helicopter to take most of the gear and some of the climbers, whilst the rest used boats and ski. Despite a few problems, this worked well, and they achieved their principal objectives within five days of arriving: the first ascent of the South Pillar of Rodbjerg, 2,140m (D+) and a new route on the South Face of Tupilak, 2,264m, (ED1, VII+). This left them plenty of time in an incredible period of clear sunny weather to explore the area further, and although no new summits were attained, by the time they all departed on ski and on foot they had climbed a total of eight new routes.

July - August 1999
AI Powell with Andy Benson, Pete Benson, Kenton Cool, Andy MacNae and Richard Spillet

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