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Medusa Climbing Expedition

Setting sail from Glasson Dock (UK) on Medusa, a Vancouver 34C yacht, the expedition party arrived in Nanortalik, South Greenland after an arduous three-week crossing. After repeating some of the established routes in Tasermuit Fjord, they moved to Tininnertup Valley where they made an attempt on Tininnertup 4 (T4) Spire but were unable to reach the summit. Windy conditions led them to relocate to Semersoq Island where they established a new direct line on Punta Alboran (1,060m). Following this, the expedition undertook the long journey to Greenland’s east coast where they hoped to find more unclimbed objectives. Sea ice prevented them from accessing the Mythics Cirque so they headed instead to the Fox Jaw Cirque where they repeated two existing climbs, made the first ascents of two new routes and made an unsuccessful attempt on an unnamed peak.

June - September 2022
Tim Luke, Ed Luke and Sasha Doyle

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