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Himal Chuli Glacier, Manaslu Expedition

The scientifically-focused expedition planned to test a number of theories on the formation of supraglacial ponds on the Himal Chuli glacier. During September the expedition departed for Manaslu from Kathmandu, trekking up to the glacier on the 4th September before spending 6 days collecting data. The three hypotheses they planned to test were: supraglacial ponds expand via deepening if area expansion is impeded; slope angles are less important than hydrological networks in supraglacial pond formation; and valley topography represents a key control on pond locations in combination with suitable conditions of downwasting and stagnation. The expedition had originally planned to access the Himal Chuli glacier on foot but were forced to visit the Hinang glacier further north after they found that their intended footpaths to the Himal Chuli glacier were overgrown. After successful completion of their research, the team returned to Kathmandu on the 14th September via the Manaslu circuit.

September 2019
Anne Stefaniak, Benjamin Robson and Asha Rai

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