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Imperial College Karakoram 1957

The expedition set out to conduct surveying work aimed at filling in several blank sections of map around the Siachen glacier. After travelling as a group to the Bilafond Pass from Skardu, the expedition split into four parties: the first crossed the Siachen and ascended the Terim Sharh Glacier in order to map the plateau between Terim Sharh and the Rimo Glacier; the second surveyed Lolofond Glacier; the third set up a base camp on the Siachen and the fourth mapped the Bilafond basin as well as the Gyari and Chulung valleys. Finally, from the end of August through the middle of September, the expedition undertook a survey of the area around K12.

July - September 1957
Eric E. Shipton, G. Budd, Pakistani surveyor Qureshi and six member of the College: G. Bratt, K. Miller, P. Grimley, R. Cratchley, B. Amos and C. Gravina

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