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Indo-British Chong Kumdan Expedition

This 12-man team succeeded in the first ascent of the W face/NW ridge of Chong Kumdan I (7,071m), as well as of Chong Kumdan IV (6,520m) by the SE ridge, Chong Kumdan V (6,520m), Kichik Kumdan (6,640m), Laknis by the E ridge (6,235m), Kumdan Terong (6,456m) and Landay (6,170m).

July - August 1991
Harish Kapadia, Muslim H. Contractor, Bhupesh Ashar, Vijay Kothari, Dhiren Pania and Ajay Tambe from India, David Wilkinson, Paul Nunn, Lindsay Griffin, John Porter, Neil McAdie and Dr. William Church, liaison officer Captain Arun Pandey from Britain and six porters

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