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International Kangchenjunga 1998

Kangchenjunga, at 8,586m, is the third highest mountain in the world, but has received significantly fewer ascents than its big brothers. In fact, until this expedition to the North Face, no woman was known to have reached the summit, although Wanda Rutkiewicz disappeared very high on the mountain in 1992. Above the rock band between 6,800m and 7,000m they climbed Alpine style, establishing Camp 3 at 7,400m. In their first bid they were forced back from 7,700m by deep snow, but a couple of weeks later they placed a final camp at 7,800m from which the leader plus Pratt, Horvath and Shaw reached the summit.

Ginette Harrison received the MEF Alison Chadwick Memorial Grant for 1998.

March - June 1998
Dr Ginette Harrison with Jonathan Pratt (UK) Tim Horvath, Gary Pfisterer & Chris Shaw (USA) and Paul Malo (Canada)

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