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Kanchenjunga Reconnaissance 1954

From 'Towards Kangchenjunga' by Douglas Slide, published in the 1955 ALpine Journal: "The expedition had the limited objective of finding a route which would appear to lead to the summit. Three routes were examined: Pache's Grave route, one below the Talung Saddle, and the last by the main ice-face, all with the view of · reaching the large ice-shelf which runs across the mountain at about 22,ooo to 23,000 ft. Valuable information was obtained and a safe route was discovered to near the top of the lower ice-fall."

April - May 1954
J. W. R. Kempe, G. Lewis, S. R. Jackson, J. W. Tucker, T. H. Braham and Dr. D. S. Mathews

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