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After acclimatising in the Cordillera Blanca by climbing the popular SW Ridge of Pisco, 5,752m, (PD), Powell and Bullock moved to the Cordillera Huayhuash and made two attempts at the primary objective of this expedi­tion, the first ascent of the Central Couloir on the SE Face of Jirishanca, 6,126m. Each was thwarted by poor weather, prompting concern that another El Niño was starting. The second attempt ended after both climb­ers were avalanched down 60-metre gullies which they had just climbed at Scottish Grade IV, with Bullock sustaining a number of soft-tissue injuries.

At this stage, Samuels was recruited to the team, which moved back to the Cordillera Blanca. Powell and Samuels then made the first ascent of the 900m N Face of Ulta, 5,875m, at ED2, Scottish VII, A1. Meanwhile, dosed up with painkillers, Bullock soloed a direct finish to the Dawson/Cheese­mond Route on the NW Face of Ulta at ED1, Scottish 6.

May - June 2002
Alun Powell with Nick Bullock and Owen Samuels

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