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Joint Services Andes 95

In addition to putting all 20 members on the summit of Ancohuma (6,427m) in Bolivia's Cordillera Real and launching two hang gliders from the spot, this mixed team of mainly Service personnel completed a major study of weight loss at altitude. This was a continuation of the work carried out on earlier trips, including the British Mount Everest Medical Expedition (94/1). Subsequently, a smaller party climbed Illimani, (6,462m).

April - June 1995
Lt Alistair Dinmore with Bill Batson, Paul Blakesley, Chris Colley, Huw Evans, Mike Fawcett, Paul Feasey, Jonathan Foden, John Mitchell, Richard Painter, Elizabeth Rowland, Bob Sayers, Sean Scullion, Charles Sermanii, Dave Sheridan, Dave Smith, Al Snedden, Bryan Taylor, Simon Travis and Louise Woolrich

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