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Kanti Himal

When permission for his intended 'McMahon Line 2007 Expedition' (MEFRef 07/02) was withdrawn due to internal political problems less than a week before departure, with no alternative Tibetan peak offered, this leader was fortunate to obtain a permit to attempt Rongla Kangri (6,647m) in Kanti Himal, an unexplored area of west Nepal. So remote is the area that with very severe post monsoon weather all over Nepal, they never even reached the mountain. However, they were able to make the first ascents of two peaks at the head of an unnamed glacier west of the Rong La - Pk 5984m by its north ridge and Pk 5930m by its west ridge. During their debriefIng back in Kathmandu, the team learned that Nepal has some 2200 peaks over 6000m, less than half of which have names and even less have been climbed. Some 250 of these lie in west Nepal, so this area alone offers plenty of scope for future exploratory trips.

September - October 2007
Julian Freeman-Attwood, Nick Colton, Luke Hughes & Phil Wickens