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KMC Tórnârssuk Expedition

Tórnârssuk Island is uninhabited and lies off SW Greenland to the west of Pamiagdluk, an island visited by a Karabiner MC expedition in 2004 [MEF 04/20]. This team planned to explore and establish new rock and mountaineering routes in the northern half of the island. However, their arrival coincided with the end of a long dry spell, and they were subject to a series of active depressions with much rain and strong winds, which limited their activities. Nevertheless, they climbed a number of new routes, varying from F to E1 and up to 1,000m long. Apart from a strong European team that put up a number of difficult rock routes in 2004, the island appears to have little recent climbing history, although the team was surprised to find an automatic radio/TV/mobile repeater station complete with diesel generator, helipad etc.

July - August 2005
Dave Bone with Marylise Dufaux, Dan O'Brien, Carl Pulley and David Whittingham

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