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Kondus Valley

The original objective was to be Link Sar but they were advised it was unlikely a permit would be granted. They subsequently changed their target to Muchu Chhish in the Bartura Group of the Pakistan Karakoram, believed to be the second highest unclimbed peak in the world. Unfortunately the permit for this was not issued in time but unexpectedly the permit for Link Sar was issued. The approach was made by air from Islamabad to Skardu, and then by jeep to base camp. They combined acclimatisation with investigation of the proposed route, making forays up to 5,300m. Two attempts on the South Face of Link Sar, to 6,000m and 5,500m, were terminated by bad weather, which unfortunately continued, meaning no further attempt could be made.

July - September 2017
Graham Zimmerman, Chris Wright and Steve Swenson

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Link Sar

July - August 2019
Graham Zimmerman, Chris Wright, Steven Swenson and