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Llanberis 2001 Patagonia

The original intention of this team was to put up a new bolt-free route on Cerro Torre, 3,128m, starting on the SE Pillar (Compressor Route) then traversing onto the W Face in the vicinity of the Helmet. However, when they arrived in the Park, the summit mushrooms were continually collapsing as a result of three weeks of good weather, so they turned their attention to Torre Egger, 2,673m, instead. After a great deal of effort, a snow cave was established at the foot of the E Face, but after six weeks of wind and heavy precipitation, during which the cave (and most of their hardware) was buried under eight metres of snow, they realised that there was no hope of climbing whatsoever, so returned home.

October - December 2001
Leigh McGinley with Mick Pointon

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