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Medical Sentinel 2007

This mixed tri-service party with widely varying mountaineering experience undertook an expedition to Argentina to carry out a programme of research into the medical effects of altitude in collaboration with University College London. (See also Project Ref 05115 and Expedition Ref 07101.) No new routes were envisaged or attempted, but to acclimatise, 15 of the team initially climbed Cerro Valecitos (5,500m) before attempting the more serious Aconcagua (6,959m) via the Horctmes Valley route. This summit was reached by six team members - a number largely in line with expectation. The expedition was successful in all its aims, and produced data on blood pressure and oxygen saturation that should be of great value to future high altitude climbers.

January 2007
Surg Cdr Adrian Mellor, FIt Lt Jemma Austin, SSgt Jason Beckett, Flt Lt Ani Cherian, Maj Tim Hooper, Capt Stevan Jackson, Cdr Stuart Jackson, LMT Baz Lawrence, LNN Cheryl Lindup, POPTI Dave Murphy, Capt Chrissy Shorrocks, Wg Cdr Steve Swindells, LNN Jason Taylor, Capt Harry Vincent, LNN Robert Wakeford & Maj Hatty Wells