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New Zealand Caving

Eight members of the Imperial College Caving Club went ot the South Island of New Zealand for a three week expedition to find new caves. Due to high winds and early snowfall the original plan to base themselves on Mt Owen had to be abandoned, and the expedition relocated to the Takaka Hills, a lower series of mountains in the same Marble region as Mt Owen. With now only two weeks in the field, the expedition found a new passage deep in an already discovered cave (Ed’s Cellar) as well as finding several new caves (Weta than Ever, Black Helix and Red Dog/Dead Rogue) in the Canaan Downs region. These caves were surveyed to BCRA Grade 5.

April 2015
Rhys Tyers, Jack Hare, Tanguy Racine, James O’Hanlon, Oliver Myerscough, Cecilia Kan, Chris McDonnell and Alex Seaton