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Nubra Valley

The expedition acclimatised in Leh before travelling to Tirit and a three day trek to base camp at Arganglas. This is near the bifurcation of the Rassa and Phonglas Glaciers, from which they planned to explore one of the southerly arms of the Rassa Glacier. They established two further camps at 5585m and 5675m, from which Buckle and Cook made the first ascent of Pk 6222 (Lak Kangri) via its SE Face at Alpine AD. The route was repeated by Cocker and Morton. The same four climbers then made the first ascent of Pk 6315 (Thrung-ma Kangri) via its S Face, at Alpine D. Tonsberg unfortunately suffered a serious medical condition, and had to be evacuated to Leh, and via Delhi to home, where he made a full recovery.

August - September 2016
Derek Buckle, Andrew Cook, Michael Cocker, Gus Morton and Knut Tonsberg

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