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Patacancha (Peru) Expedition

Teams from this nine-member expedition continued research projects begun in 1987 into the environmental (soil and flora) and settlement patterns, the ethnography, the agro-economic systems and trade routes in and out of the Patacancha valley, with a view to formulating a sustainable development programme. Lake core samples were taken from dry lake-beds at Qewnayoc and Marcacocha. Pre-Hispanic settlements at Tawasaywa and Juchuy Poques were investigated, as well as the main expedition's research into the trade-route to Occobamba. After one early setback they took precautions to avoid areas dominated by the Shining Path guerillas, and used their previous local contacts to good effect for the excavation programme.

April - September 1989
Ann Kendall with Robert Early, Geis Gerard den Ouden, David Bonner, Mike McDonnell, Klara Spindle, Rosemary Burton, Percy Paz Flores and Jose Gonzales

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