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Patagonia 1955

Leaving from Falmouth in early June, the whole party, save for Quinteros, sailed, via the canaries to Montevideo in a journey of 64 days and some 4600 miles. Before leaving for their chosen starting point at Peel Inlet, they collected Quinteros and sailed on, eventually making landfall at the Calvo Glacier, across which they ferried stores to their start point. In just less than a month and with generally favourable conditions, the party crossed the ice cap, arriving off the ice in Argentina in the middle of January. The return journey, for which they had cached supplies in the initial crossing, was completed more quickly and they arrived back at the coast on 28 January. From here they sailed back to England by way of the Panama Canal and Bemuda, arriving home a year and a day after their departure.

July 1955 - July 1956
H. W. Tillman, W. A. Procter, M. R. Grove, J. Van Tromp, E. H. Marriott and Jorge Quinteros

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