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Prins Christian Sund 2003

The prime objective of this team of rock climbers was the first ascent of an unnamed granite peak immediately east of Igdlorssitt Havn in the Prins Christian Sund area of South Greenland; this had been recommended by members of a previous expedition to the area. However, being there much earlier than their predecessors, they found the peak covered in snow, making it impractical given their equipment and time constraints. They therefore turned their attention to a fallback objective, the west face of Igdlorssitt Havn Tower, where they were successful in putting up several routes: 'Cryptic Crossword' (500m E3 5c), Wonderful Life/Turning Point (1,115m E6 6b), 'Waiting/or the Sun' (865m E7 6c) and 'Twenty One' (800m E7 6c) as well as countless boulder routes in the vicinity of their base camp.

June - July 2003
Ben Heason with Nick Boden, Tom Briggs, Miles Gibson, Adrian Jebb, Steve McClure, Rob Mirfin and Simon Moore

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