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South Greenland 2001

The 200m to 600m granite faces at the western end of Prins Christian Sund have been compared with the monoliths of Yosemite, Baffin and Patagonia. Having visited the area with a BSES group in 1992, the leader was aware of the potential. Attention was focused on the main face of Igdlorssitt Havn and surrounding peaks, where the team was successful in climbing 16 new routes up to E5, including one on the main face. Each route was given a very distinctive name - 'Homebrew Hangover', 'Vodka Sausage' etc In addition, a traverse of the ridge was completed in 18 hours at TD.

July - August 2001
Matt Heason with Dr Max Dutson, Richard Garnett, Dean Grindell, Mark Harris, Adam Jackson, Dave Lucas and Mark Shea

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