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'RE 200' Exercise Total Enigma: Upper Shaksgam

This inter-service team of 10 (7RE, 2RA, lRM), mounted by the Royal Engineers' Mountain and Exploration Club, made a photographic survey of the Upper Shaksgam valley. After several attempts on 'Mt Crown' (7,295m), said to be the third-highest unclimbed mountain (?), from a camp at 6,670m, they were obliged to retreat.

August - September 1987
Captain Morgan with Captain Day, Major McManners, Second Lieutenant Slack, Sergeant Wood, Corporal Apinall, Corporal Moore, Lance-Corporal Roberts, Sapper Nelson and Gunner Ainsley

Other expeditions nearby

Irish K2

June - August 1998
Calvin Torrans with Eddie Cooper, Martin Dales, Pa