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Renland, Greenland 2019

After overcoming initial delays due to excessive sea ice the team arrived at their desired venue (?) on Renland. They established successive mid and high camps further up the valley over 8 days. Once here they spent 10 days making 6 ascents up to AD+, one of which was a second ascent of ‘The Bastion’ and the remainder were first ascents. Most routes were between 300-400m in length and involved mixed conditions on both snow and rock. They experienced good conditions for the majority of the trip, with temperatures often above freezing and only two short periods of bad weather. Whilst most of the remaining unclimbed summits are easy snow peaks, there is extensive potential for further climbing, including an impressive 700m+, east-facing, big wall that saw attention in 2016 but is yet to see an ascent.

June - July 2019
Tom Harding, Niall Newport, Cameron Ree and Neil Cox

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