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RGS Mulu (Sarawak) (caving) Kishtwar 77


Kishtwar 77 was a most courageous initiative by the Carlisle Mountaineering Club. As such it attracted many local sponsors and we were delighted, from very different stand points, to become joint patrons. In the event all of us who gave our support have been greatly rewarded. The organisation of such an expedition was a daunting task. This report reflects great credit on all those who took part and the achievement of reaching the summit of the Unnamed Peak is something long to be remembered.

I am sure that all the sponsors would like to join with us in sincere congratulations to Stuart Hepburn and all his team both for their heroic efforts and for producing such a fascinating account of their expedition.

Stuart Hepburn with Robin Andrews, Martin Bennett, Roger Burrow, Arthur Grout, Bill Hodgson, Peter McDonald, Roy May, Malcolm Miller, Peter Thompson, Farid Hussain, Ghulam Mohammed and Harry Ram

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