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Rio Turbio, Lost Valley of the Andes

Despite the presence of big granite crags, the Rio Turbo valley in Argentina's Lago Puelo National Park (close to the Chilean border) had not previously been visited by British climbers. Unusually heavy rain and a flooded river initially prevented access by the present team, but after nine days, the level eventually dropped and they were able to get across on horseback. Although two hours from base camp they were able to see their prime objective - an 800m granite wall dubbed the Mariposa - there was insufficient time to attempt it. However, their exploration revealed that this was an impressive location with plenty of scope for first ascents, and they therefore plan to return in 2006.

March - April 2005
Leo Houlding with Jessica Corrie and Kevin Thaw from UK plus Vicente Banate and Tommy Hienrich from Argentina and Mark Karhl and Tom Koiesk from the USA

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