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Scottish Dan Beard

Mt Dan Beard (3,l25m) is one of the less popular mountains to the north of Ruth Gorge, and this pair hoped to make the first ascent of its east face. They succeeded in reaching the summit by a route on the far right which avoided climbing beneath the summit seracs. Descent was made northwards to the ridge between Dan Beard and Pt 8245 (2,626m) making a return to camp after 24 hours on the go. They have called their route 'Sideburn Rib' and graded it Scottish IV They also attempted a couloir on the mountain's SE ridge; although initially making good progress they were halted by insufficient ice and forced to make an abseil descent. Later they reached the summit of Mt Dickey (2,909m) by its west flank.

April 2007
Vivian Scott & Gareth Hughes

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