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Shark's Fin, British Meru Central

Although the East face of Meru Central, 6,350m, has now received its first ascent, the solo climber (Babanov from Omsk) avoided the central line on the Shark's Fin by sticking mainly to snow and mixed ground to its right (N). This team hoped to climb the true nose of the Fin - 850m of snow, ice and rock, followed by 450m of steep granite and mixed ramps, which the leader had attempted on an expedition in 1997 [MEF Ref 97/46]. However, a late monsoon resulted in heavy snow with hoar frost plastering the fin, and that, combined with one member dropping out, meant that Cartwright and Bracey were unable to carry sufficient gear to get higher than 5,500m.

September - October 2002
Jules Cartwright with Jon Bracey and Matt Dickinson

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