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Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta 1957

Having visited this area three years prior and identified an easy access route to the range, Cunningham gathered another party for an expedition in 1957 which aimed to explore the lower and less-visited eastern portion of the range. Alongside a research programme focussed on high-altitude physiology, the expedition also hoped to make ascents on a ridge they had dubbed the Sierra Tairona and to map the Guatapuri basin. The whole party warmed up with an ascent of Ojeda and, while the doctors remained at basecamp, the surveying team established a new camp in the Donacui valley. From here they calculated the heights of several peaks and made ascnts of a number of summits on the Tairona ridge.

January 1957
A. B. Cunningham, J. Waterlow, H. Bunje, Major R. Allen, F. F. Cunningham