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Sima Pumacocha 2004

Although not previously supported by the MEF, this international venture was a continuation of exploration of Sima Pumacocha in the Yauyos District of Central Peru. With a surveyed depth of 638m this cave already held the record for South America but was (and still is) thought to have a potential of up to 1,000m. At 4,375m above sea level, it also has the highest major cave entrance in the world. There are actually three known entrances, and this trip successfully connected SPl and SP2 , adding 500m to the length of the system, but only 7m to the depth. Various other caves in the area were also explored, but none with anything like the potential of Sima Pumacocha. No doubt these optimistic explorers will be returning.

September 2004
Peter MacNab with Greg Brock, Tom Chapman, Chris Densham, Martin Holroyd, Les Oldham, Phil Rowsell and Peter Whitaker from UK; also Henry Burns, Mark Hassle, Ian Mackenzie and Taco Van Lu from Canada and Nick Hawkes + two from Peru