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Ski The Pamir

The objective of the expedition was to make a number of ski descents close to the village of Jilandi. After gaining permits locally, the team travelled by 4x4 to Jilandi and arranged assistance to help take them further up the valley. They made their first camp on foot with the help of a number of locals, arriving on the 2nd May. From here they made four descents on Peak 4518, Peak 5150, Peak 5105 and Peak 5574. These culminated in a challenging final descent on Peak 5574 which saw the team climb for 8 hours and sit out a number of days of poor weather before skiing the planned line. During the expedition they noted a number of potential ski lines and climbing routes in the area, including a mixed line on Peak 5468 that they identified on the day of their second descent.

May 2019
Ryan Taylor, Elliot Smith, Peter Biskind and William Saunders

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