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SMC East Greenland 2001

This team of Greenland stalwarts experienced excellent weather with only two days of very light snow during their month in the Staunings Alps. Unfortunately, they had to retreat from the S Face of Sussex, 2,390m, after three pitches owing to technical difficulties, and were unable to attempt Dansketinde, 2,930m, because of helicopter problems. Although unsuccessful on their two primary objectives, they did have a number of other successes. These included a new route graded D on the SE Face of Sussex (second ascent overall), and the first ascents of Keswicktinde, 2,430m, by its NW Ridge (graded AD), the SW Spur of a 2,570m outlier of Sefstromsgipfel (ED, A1), and Mears Fjeld, 2,100m, by its SW Ridge.

July - August 2001
Colwyn Jones with Jim Fairey, Coos Ravey, Colin Read, Brian Shackleton and Nick Walmsley

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