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SMC East Greenland 2007

Despite long-term popularity with climbers - particularly members of the Scottish Mountaineering Club - the Staunings Alps in NE Greenland still harbour unclimbed peaks for those who search for them, as was proved by this team. They hoped to make first ascents of four peaks c2,500m around the Lang glacier (aka Stor Gletscher), plus new routes on other peaks such as Dansketinde (2,795m) and Bersaerkertinde. In fact, neither of the latter peaks was attempted as they were not in condition, but the team far exceeded their aim, ticking off more than a dozen peaks up to 2,600m.

April - May 2007
Colwyn Jones, Laubus Laubscher, Mark Litterick, Ken Moore, Brian Shackleton, Brian Whitworth, Heike Puchan-Whitworth & Stephen O'Sullivan

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