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SMC Greenland 1996

This club expedition hoped to make first ascents of a number of peaks in the Central Staunings Alps. Much of their activity centred on a ridge res­embling an eagle lying on its back, which they called Dødøenryggen (Dead Eagle Ridge). From this they climbed Susan's Peak, 2,238m, (PD), Aliertinde, 2,580m, (AD+), Annsketinde, 2,460m, (D), and Hjornespids, 2,860m, (TD+), and several minor pinnacles. The entire party also climbed Danketinde, 2,795m, the highest peak in the area, two making the first ascent of its NW Ridge (TD).

July - August 1996
Colwyn Jones with Ian Angell, John Bickerdike, Gordon MacKenzie, Susan MacKenzie, Jonathan Preston, Stephen Reid and Brian Shackleton

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