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Tepui 2005

Following their success two years earlier [MEF 03/27] the Arrans returned to Venezuela with an augmented team hoping for similar results in 2005. Unfortunately they found that access to other unclimbed tepuis was virtually impossible owing to the thick jungle terrain surrounding them. They therefore turned their attention to the 1,000m main face of Angel Falls. On this they were successful in making the first ascent of a route which they called Rainbow Jambaia. The 31 pitches up to E7 6b/Fr 7c/7c+ took 19 days, with 14 nights spent on the wall. Anne Arran, as an individual, was joint recipient of the Alison Chadwick Memorial Grant for 2005.

March - April 2005
John Arran with Anne Arran, Miles Gibson and Ben Heason from UK, Alex Klenov from Kazakhstan and Ivan Calderón and Alfredo Rangel from Venezuela

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