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The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Mountaineering Club Phabrang 80

The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Mountaineering Club 'Phabrang 80' sent a 12-man team, led by Capt. D. N. Nicholls, R.M., to tackle Phabrang (6,248m) by 3 routes, including the unclimbed NW face, and Tent Peak (6,108m), which lie N and S respectively of the Chandra River in Himachal Pradesh. Tent Peak was abandoned as a result of heavy snow and an accident from stone fall to one member. The N ridge team reached a point short of the summit of Phabrang, but on the descent one member slipped on a snow slope, sustaining head injuries from which he died: the route has been named 'Garry Thomas route'. The SW/S face and the NW face team traversed the summit, ascending and descending by each other's routes.

August - October 1980
Capt. D. N. Nicholls from Britain

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