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Llactapata: the Re-Discovery of an Inca Site

Whilst excavating Machu Pichu in 1912 Hiram Bingham sent out reconnaissance teams to search for other Inca sites. Despite facing almost impenetrable jungle, the ruins of an Inca castle were discovered at Llactapata, but this was not thoroughly investigated, and it became overgrown and lost. By using thermal infra-red imaging from the air, this international team relocated the site at almost 3,000m above sea level, and then carried out a detailed investigation on the ground. They found ruins of several high-status building groups (including a plaza with ceremonial doorways aligned to Machu Pichu) and connecting roads scattered over several square kilometres.

May 2003
Hugh Thomson with Roz Allibone, Nicholas Asheshov, Barry Bond, Greg Danforth, David Espejo, Amy Finger, Jeff Ford, Antonia Hall, William Heath, Sandy LaJudice, Beth LaTulippe, John Leivers, Kim Malville, Robert Mrocek, Nathan Poole, Jack Vetter and Gary Ziegler.

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