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Wye College Icelandic 1958

A team of eight from Wye College travelled to Iceland via boat with the aim of collecting botanical samples and their associated soil for scientific research. They surveyed three sites: one in the Alandstunga Valley; another at a set of shifting sands near the Holsselskill river and a final spot at Lake Myvatn. At all three sites they made collections of geological and botanical samples. In total they gathered samples of 528 angiosperms, 143 mosses and 273 lichens which were pressed for holding by the British Museum. They also took over 1,000 photographs which were donated to Wye College for use in teaching. 

July - September 1958
Alec Forsyth, Richard 'Dickie' Dight, Peter England, Christopher Wood, John Gray, Robin Mackenzie, Andrew Nowell and Robert Savory