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Yangtze Caves '96

Working in conjunction with local specialists, the China Caves Project has been carrying out a systematic programme of exploration and scientific research for some years. This large team, which included young cavers new to overseas expeditions, visited Sichuan Province, where they explored, photographed and surveyed over 22km of enormous cave passage. The work in one of the main river caves could not be completed owing to an excess of rain during the period. All the equipment was left in store for a further visit.

August - September 1996
Andy Eavis with Dave Brook, Simon Brooks, Tom Chapman, Paul Edmunds, Pete Francis, Ann Gallagher, Alastair Garman, Adrian Gregory, Peter Hall, Darren Harrison, Brian Judd, Ben Lovett, Eoghan Lynch, Kirsten McCullough, Steve Mulhull, Kevin Munn, Jack Sheldon, Laurie May Sheldon, Kenny Taylor and J Walls

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