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Yorkshire Tokosita Glacier 2005

Although the summit of Peak 3,512m above Central Alaska's Tokosita glacier had been attempted by several climbers over the years, all had failed. Bad weather delayed this team's flight to the Mount Huntington landing site, but they eventually established a base camp at 2,620m below their chosen peak. Unfortunately Coley Gentzel and Seth Hobby from the USA had the same objective, and in fact climbed it whilst the UK pair were getting established. Nevertheless, they continued in the hope of making the second ascent; but after climbing 300m of ice and mixed ground on the NW ridge (Scottish grade V), they were forced to retreat when Saxby suffered severe stomach pains, possibly due - at least in part - to hanging from belays in his harness. Frequent heavy snowfalls with whiteout conditions and avalanche danger precluded any further attempts.

May 2005
Andrew Saxby with Jago Trasler from Britain

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