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MEF Appoints New Honorary Secretary

The Management Committee of the MEF are delighted to confirm John Porter as the new Joint Secretary of the MEF Management and Screening Committees.

John Porter Profile

John’s name will be familiar to anyone with an interest in the high mountains. Not only is he an accomplished mountaineer, having benefitted from MEF funding for many of his expeditions, he is also a successful mountain author, filmmaker and former president of the Alpine Club. We are delighted that he is bringing his huge wealth of experience to the role as expeditions begin to take place again in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Commenting on the appointment, MEF Chairman Duncan Sperry said: “John’s passion for and knowledge of mountaineering is matched only by his respect for the mountain environment and its communities. As we embark on a more conscious age of exploration, I can think of no one better to helm our work.”

John Changabang 2

The MEF would also like to thank Tom Richardson who retires from the role having stepped up to fill the post at the height of the pandemic. We are extremely grateful for his contribution at such a difficult and complex time.