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MEF Introduces New Socio-Environmental Guidelines for Supported Expeditions

The closing date to apply for the next round of MEF grants on 30 September is fast approaching. For this and future rounds of funding, the MEF has introduced a new Socio-Environmental Code of Practice.

Environmental Guidelines 1

The new Code of Practice consists of two major pillars. These state that, where possible, expeditions should:

  1. Address their social and cultural impact by acting in an ethical, responsible, and safe manner towards the visited communities and all other local stakeholders.

  2. Address their environmental impact during planning, preparation, and throughout their time in the field.

Environmental Guidelines 3

The complete Environmental Guidelines, including more detailed examples of best practice, can be found via our Applications Page.

Prospective expeditions should use these new environmental guidelines in conjunction with our more general Application Guidelines when completing their application. Please make sure that this is done using the latest MEF Application Form which incorporates these new environmental requirements.