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2001 British 'Baroness'

'The Baroness' is an imposing 600m wall of golden granite on the eastern side of Torssuqatoq Sound in S Greenland, almost opposite The Thumbnail (climbed by lan Parnell and his team in 2000. MEF Ref 00/35). This strong mixed team set out to make its first ascent 'in a British style' - ie free climbing with no bolts. In this they were very successful. In fact four separate routes were climbed, each of high quality and sustained technical standard, with an average pitch grade of E3. A satellite peak was also climbed and a general reconnaissance of the area completed.

The Alison Chadwick Memorial Grant for 2000 was awarded jointly to Airlie Anderson and Lucy Creamer as individuals on this expedition.

July - August 2001
Matt Dickinson with Airlie Anderson, Tom Briggs, Lucy Creamer, lan Hay and Niall Grimes

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