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Aberdeen University West Greenland 1974

This was a follow up to the 1968 expedition from the same University and part of its object was to test and compare hypotheses of deglaciation developed during the 1968 expedition in an adjoining area. In addition, the expedition also spent one week visiting the settlements on the south-west coast between Narsarssuaq and Holsteinsberg where a general survey of the major settlements was conducted. Six weeks were then spent in the area surrounding Søndre Strømfjord air base where geomorphological work was carried out on aspects
of glacial erosion, processes of deglaciation and an examination of landforms boing created at the present ice front.

July - August 1974
D. J. H. Balfour, G. M. Brown, D. K. Chester, J. E. Gordon, W. M. Murdoch and D. E. Sugden

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