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Anglo Indian Expedition to Siachen& Rimo Range

This expedition, combining Alpine Climbing Group members and Bombay Mountaineers, explored the S Rimo glacier, the Shelkar Chorten glacier and the S & N Terong glaciers, conducting some scientific work on the last. Venables and Saunders attempted Rimo I (7,385m), but a dropped sack containing essential equipment forced a retreat at 6900m. Wilkinson and Fotheringham made the first ascent of Rimo III (7,233m) crossing the previously uncrossed S col of Rimo I to the S Rimo glacier from which the summit was reached in two days on 14 July.

June - September 1985
Harish Kapadia with Dhiren, Zerkses Boga, Muslim Contractor, Amant Sarun, Meena Agrawal, Heny Osmaston, David Wilkinson, James Fotheringham, Stephen Venables and Anthony Saunders

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