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BMES Chile '97

Having developed new equipment for determining the status of cerebral oxygenation in a non-intrusive manner, doctors in the Birmingham Medical Research Expeditionary Society were keen to test it in the field. This was done by driving 20 volunteers (aged 24 to 59) rapidly from sea level (300km N of Santiago) to Pasa del Agua Negra at 4,680m, intermediate measurements being taken at 2,770m and 3,650m. A clinical trial of medroxyprogesterone as a prophylactic for acute mountain sickness was also investigated, with no significant side effects being evident, although a full analysis of all the results will occupy the scientists for some time.

January 1997
Dr Alex Wright with lots of victims: Maggie Beazley, Stephen Brearey, Ian Chesner, Timothy Clarke, Richard Clayton, Peter Forster, Daniel Hale, Peter Hillenbrand, Helen Hoar, Christopher Imray, Brian Johnson, Barry Lester, Andrew MacLennan, Ian MacLennan, John Milles, Damian Mole, Jon Morgan, John Simmons, Sarah Walsh - mainly doctors themselves

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