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British Chombu Expedition 2022

Having attempted this unclimbed peak twice in 2019, first in April and then in October, this pair returned in the hopes of finding better conditions in May. Despite promising signs upon their arrival, the weather quickly deteriorated with a degree of snowfall every day. This left the mountain’s north face heavily loaded. They turned their attention to the west face, but here the risk of rockfall was too high and so they returned to the north-east Spur which they had climbed to 6,107m in 2019. After waiting for an injury suffered by Saunders to heal, the team began their attempt on 04 May. They made it to the base of the north-east spur on 07 May where foggy conditions forced a bivouac. Additional snowfall followed and the team retreated, considering the risk of continuing to be too great.

April - May 2022
Mick Fowler and Victor Saunders

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