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British Heart of Asia 2002

Although a team of Polish visitors to the Mongolian Altai climbed many of the peaks and produced a sketch map of the area in 1967, subsequent visits have been few and far between, other than to the highest point in the area - Huiten, 4,374m. This team hoped to explore further and use modern GPS equipment to augment the Polish map. Unfortunately, access to the Bayan Olgi Region was prevented due to an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (Plague and Rabies are also endemic in the area!) but they managed to visit two other areas - firstly Otgon Tenga Uul where they climbed Otgon Tenga Uul, 3,905m, itself, plus two unnamed peaks c.3,100m, and then Altai Tavan Bogd (aka Taban Bogd) where they traversed all five summits of Huiten and also climbed Snow Church, 4,100m, and Kowalewski, 3,800m. Some of the peaks were receiving their first British ascents and the PD+ route up the North Ridge of Kowalewski was probably a new one.

July - August 2002
Ms Nina Saunders with Janet Fotheringham, Alan Halewood, Michael McLaughlan, Sebastian Nault, and Robert Watts

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