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British Mount Everest Medical 1994

The majority of the team named above were doctors undertaking a comprehensive research programme into a wide range of altitude-related medical problems. While they acted as guinea-pigs for each other, there was a hard core of climbers amongst them who hoped to reach the summit of Everest. Using supplementary oxygen, Charlie Hornsby and Roddy Kirkwood (with Sherpas Dorje and Dawa Temba) were successful, but Alison Hargreaves had to abandon her oxygenless attempt at c8,400m owing to high winds and the risk of frostbite.

July - October 1994
Dr Simon Currin with Angus Andrew, Arthur Collins, Charlie Homsby, Roddy Kirkwood, Andrew Pollard, Ronnie Robb, John Sanders and Alison Hargreaves

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