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Xtreme Everest Genotype Study

This ongoing study, being carried out at the Centre for Aviation Space and Extreme Environmental Medicine (CASE), is integrally linked to the Caudwell Xtreme Everest Expedition, 07/01. It is intended to expand knowledge of the physiology of normal adaptation to hypoxia, and involves studies of the DNA and high altitude performance data from several cohorts of mountaineers. In addition to the 300+ trekkers and mountaineers on the linked expedition, data have been collected from over 350 Everest summiters plus a further 140 subjects attempting to ascend above 8000m. Future studies will include 250 subjects attempting Kilimanjaro (5,894m), 150 attempting Aconcagua (6,960m) and 100 attempting Shishapangma (8,046m). The information obtained should not only aid understanding of the variability of performance at altitude, but also identify strategies for improving the care of critically ill hospital patients suffering from low oxygen levels. One paper has already been accepted for publication, but full analysis of the results is likely to continue for several years.

2005 Onwards
Dr Hugh Montgomery, Dr Mike Grocott & Dr Julian Thompson

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