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British Tibet 2000

Having already explored the northern, eastern and western approaches to Sepu Kangri in the Eastern Nyenchen Tanglha as part of 96/17, 97/31 and 98/44, Clarke was keen to explore the southern side, and thus complete a circumnavigation, hopefully climbing some sub-6,000m peaks en route. With permit problems and rumours of blocked roads, they eventually travelled by Land Cruiser from Lhasa to Dim, and then, as pillion passengers on motorcycles, to Khinda. Further on, they hired horses to cross Dhakim La, 5,402m, and Tarn La, 5,254m, previously crossed in 1998. The furthest extent of the journey was a village called Pa, from which they saw - but did not have time to attempt - a tantalising range of peaks up to 6,500m. Return to Lhasa was by a different route over two more 5,000m passes. Although no peaks were climbed, the expedition provided valuable information about a little-visited area.

July - August 2000
Dr Charles Clarke (with Pasang Choephel, Sesum Dhargye and Gyatso Tsultrem from Tibet

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