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British West Mustabbes 2013

Although British climbers have visited the Eastern Glacier of the Mustabbes river in the At Bashi range of Kyrgyzstan, the Western Glacier remains largely unexplored, so was an ideal location for this exploratory expedition. After flying to Bishkek, an eventful journey in a 6wd vehicle enabled them to establish a base camp at c.3600m on the right-hand branch of the Mustabbes River. From here and an advanced base camp on the central glacier, they carried out a thorough exploration of the area, achieving first ascents of eight peaks ranging from 4430m to 4640m, with grades of F to PD+, giving each of them a unique name.

This expedition also received a grant from the Alpine Club Climbing Fund.

August - September 2013
Paul Josse with Steve Brown, Phil Morgan, & John Venier from UK plus Terje Lokken from Norway

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